We are aware clients have a lot of question relating to the payment holidays mortgage lenders are offering due to Covid 19. Please read the news article on my website for further information and please follow this link for some of the lenders contact information.

When looking for a mortgage there are so many products on the market it’s both confusing and time consuming. Matthew found us a mortgage that met the criteria we were looking for, he managed the communication between vendors, solicitors and us, keeping the process on track. Yes, we have completed the purchase of a second property. What could they have done better? I am not aware of the other services that Matthew may or may not provide outside of mortgage advice, perhaps if Matthew has a %3Fflyer%3F detailing these there may be further opportunities to work together.


I recently applied to buy my house from the council (after 33 years of renting it) as a Right to Buy and Matt was highly recommended to me. Matt was nothing but 110% professional, extremely helpful and guided me through every step from speaking to the council, to finding a mortgage, to recommending a solicitor and helping me through every step of the way. I was, a total novice and Matt helped me overcome my fears and helped me to an outcome of owning my own home. I could not have done it without him. I cannot thank him enough, there are not enough words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now have a mortgage and own my own property, so Matt has helped me to achieve what I want, and I will always go back to him for future financial advice. What could they have done better? Nothing, quite honestly.


I was a first-time buyer with very little knowledge about mortgages! Matt did a great job at helping us. He happily goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that the house buying process is as smooth for you as it is possible to be. With us he was happy to communicate with all parties involved and always kept us up to date with the situation. Matt was very clear about his methods and honest about what that meant for us and because of this I believe that we now have the best mortgage that was available to us. Our current situation is that we now own a house!


We needed a mortgage followed by income protection / life assurance. Matt did everything for us - he found a very competitive mortgage despite our tricky circumstances and found us life assurance and income protection quotes. We have now moved and started the mortgage Matt helped us with. We have also taken out our life assurance and income protection policies as recommended. What could they have done better? Nothing could have been done better. It really was an excellent service all round.


Seeking a mortgage due to a house move. Matt provided excellent advice and guidance in every step of the process. He did a comprehensive search of the mortgages available and presented us with a few options which best suited our needs. He also handled all the paperwork for us. We have completed on our house purchase and are very pleased with the outcome. What could they have done better? Nothing. Perfect from start to finish.